Who Are We?

Victoria is known as “The Crossroads” because it is located at the intersection of three major U.S. highways: Hwy 59 – Hwy 87 – Hwy 77, a two-hour drive of Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

Fellowship of the Crossroads: We exist to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bringing together and developing a church body that is willing to do anything short of sin to reach people for Christ. (As long as idea is not unbiblical, unethical, immoral or illegal then it is on the table.) This means that we will do the things other churches aren’t doing to reach people other churches are not reaching.

Expanding the vision...

Traditional in our Theology but Modern and Untraditional in how it is presented.We understand God’s word never changes, but the way we communicate and present His word to the world must constantly be changing. At Crossroads Church we will use every creative resource available (video, creative illustrations, humor, drama, dance, “secular” music, a mix of expository and application style teaching, mime…ok maybe not mime… but you get the point) to communicate Biblical truths in a way that not only helps mature Christians take their lives to the next level but also helps non-church people understand the Bible and apply it to their everyday lives. In doing so giving creative people outlets to use their gifts in the church.

Where we are headed...

A church that establishes a tradition of being untraditional where change is expected and embraced.A church that lives out the concept that it is not “Religion” it is a “Relationship.”

A church that is more into Christianity than church-ianity. We will strive to create a culture more focused on helping non-church people who did not grow up in the church feel welcome than creating a place where church people feel comfortable.
A church that brings people in, builds them up, trains them to use their gifts, and then sends them out to use them.

A church with small groups that actually embrace the open chair concept and are constantly looking for new people, both inside and outside the church, training and building new leaders and birthing new small groups instead of just creating “holy huddle” clickie, closed groups. Crossroads church has no “closed” or “coke & joke” small groups.

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