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Welcome home! Get to know us!

Welcome Home!

You're looking for growth, authenticity, and purpose. Our mission is to help you find God's calling for your life, and day by day, be more like Jesus. Located at 597 Haynes Rd. near Tera-Vista, we invite you to come be a part of the change sweeping through Victoria Texas.  

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Get to know us!

The Hope/Remember Wall

Hope and Remember. We aren't one for many traditions, but we are for highlighting the meaningful moments of what God has done in our lives. Our Hope/Remember Wall has two sides. The Remember side is to do just that, remember. Just as the Israelites did in Joshua 4:9, we constructed a landmark of remembrance. Just inside the doors we have buckets of white stones that you can write on and place at the foot of the wall, so that every time you enter or exit our doors, you Remember what God has done in your personal life.

On the other side is Hope. Hope for better days. Hope for the things to come. Hope for Christ's will to be done in your life. Cracks were intentionally placed into this side of the wall, so that you can place your prayers, hopes, and trials into the wall. That every time you drive onto campus, that you Remember to Hope for the future.

Children's Ministry


Our Children's ministry area is on the left as soon as you walk through our front door.  Our Children's Ministry leaders and volunteers will get your child checked in and help you find where they need to go.  This is a no stress situation, but it is possible to have to wait just a moment or two to get checked in. Please be patient with our volunteers.



We proudly joke that we have the "Oldest Student Pastor in the State of Texas." Leadership Pastor Scott Weatherford, along with our volunteer Adult Heroes lead  our Youth Camp on Sunday nights at 6:30 at the FOTC campus, where we instill the heart of Jesus into our students. You can find out more by clicking the tab below, or talking directly to one of our Student Leaders on Instagram @fotc.students

Small Groups

Small Groups

Ready to get involved in a small group? Email us  at info@fotc.church to get plugged in!



The act of worship is not just singing during music. Worship is the continued act of intentionality as we strive to glorify Christ in everything we do. That said, for many, musical worship is what helps us feel plugged in and connected to God. As worship leaders, we strive to create an environment that is safe, yet convicting, where your surrenderence is what matters. Cry if you need to cry. Sing if your heart is inclined to sing. Our goal is that for those desiring a connection to Jesus through music, that we help you reignite your spiritual well being every week.

For those interested in auditioning for our worship team, email Pastor Skip at: skip@fotc.church

Did Someone Say COFFEE?!

Coffee House!

Let us be real... Getting out the door to go to church in the morning probably feels like one of the biggest hassles of your week. Getting up. Getting breakfast made for the kids. Making sure the kids are actually ready. That Timmy isn't wearing mismatched socks. That Rebekah leaves the bow in her hair...and just as you think everyone is finally ready to go, you pull into the church parking lot, you get ready to put on your happy smiling "church" faces, despite the fact that Levi's eyes are still red and bloodshot from tears and screaming that he didn't want to wear the red button up shirt... You all get out of the car, only to hear the slam of a car door and wailing of a 4 year old because Rebekah did indeed want her bow after all (even though she pulled it out 3 separate times) and as she went back to get it,  her brother slammed the car door shut on her fingers. UGH.

Does this sound like you? Well then, let us brighten your day with the sugary caffeinated bliss that is our coffee shop. A friendly face will present you and your children with all the liquid-gold  goodness your hearts can handle. The screams of your children that are tormenting to your ears will soon change to tears of joy and happiness as the coffee touches both your soul and theirs. They says to keep Jesus in your heart, and Jesus definitely wants that cup of coffee. Our conclusion? Coffee brings you closer to Jesus.



Handicap accessable

Cry/Nursing room for mothers of infants

Separate kids and Adult Restrooms

Fish Pond

Kids playground

And this is just the beginning!

Every Christian begins to love God by first placing their trust in Jesus.
Prayer, Bible Study, Spiritual Gifts, and Community.
The Bible also says that we are to love others the way that God loves us.
Telling God’s story and sharing your faith with others.


HOURS: Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-3:00pm, Sunday 8:30-12:00pm

EMAIL: info@fotc.church

PHONE: (361) 652-4953

ADDRESS: 597 Haynes Road, Victoria, TX, 77904

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