More Than a Building - "Living to Make Jesus Famous"

Mar 26, 2023    Pastor Scott Weatherford

Introduction: 13 years ago God started this church. He started it with one big desire to see people come

to Jesus. God started this church to rescue renegades. He desired more than just a rescue. He desired

to turn those who were renegades into rescuers. God never rescues a man to leave him as he found

him. God is also rescuing us to build us to be like Jesus. When pastor Bard invited me to join with him

at FOTC the invitation was easy to accept because God put that same vision into my heart years ago.

My biggest barrier was my pride…it seems that pride always is my biggest barrier.

There are renegades in my family! A renegade is one who throws off social norms and lives life in a

nonconforming way. A renegade can also be called a run away.

In the 1800’s the United States government started a war with a bunch of renegades. They were the

Creek Indian nation. It really was the Creeks that started things seeing that they massacred 250 people

at Fort Mims Alabama. The war ended with Andrew Jackson defeating the Creeks at the battle of

Horseshoe bend. Jackson tried to genocide the whole nation. He failed and was confronted by the chief

of the Creeks, Red Eagle. Red Eagle was also know as William Weatherford. He was a renegade…so am I.