More Than a Building - "The Church is a Family"

Mar 5, 2023    Pastor Bard Letsinger

When God created man He knew he had created a renegade. A Renegade who would rebel, stray, and

run away. It was no surprise to God that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit, succumb to sin, and forever

curse mankind. Man was destined to be a renegade.

God loves renegades. Because He loves renegades, God had a rescue plan in place. The before the fruit

would crunch and sin would reign, Jesus, the rescue of God, would be on his way chasing renegades.

In 2010 God would stir the heart of a pastor with a vision of a church of rescue. This church would not

be ordinary, typical, traditional, bound in legalism, or shackled by tradition. This church would chase the

renegades. And so it began.